Monday, February 22, 2010

Maxwele incident - an assault on our liberty

Today, Frans Cronje's article at Moneyweb highlights the liberty that all of us South Africans have lost through the Maxwele-zapping-the-President incident.

If more incidents like this one are allowed to take place South African citizens will increasingly fear the approach of the blue-light convoys of black BMWs that ferry political leaders around South Africa. Many already fear these convoys, which have been known to open fire on innocent civilians who get in their way. What does it say to the ANC that many South Africans now live in physical fear of running into the country's political leaders? It is a phenomenon far removed from the confident embrace that greeted so many of these same leaders on their return from exile or release from prison during the early 1990s.
Do we all now have to live in fear of blue-light convoys, in the same way we live in fear of cash-in-transit vans?


  1. George Gildenhuys22 February, 2010 16:07

    We shouls make it a point of showing the president "the finger" everytime!

  2. One - Maxwele says he just made a 'waving away' gesture:

    Two - how could he possibly have known it was Zuma's convoy?

    Three - the police spokesman actually tried defending the officers' excessive use of force!