Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to SA4L

Welcome to the South Africans for Liberty (SA4L) Blog, a mouthpiece of SA4L. SA4L is an institution created by like-minded individuals from the University of Cape Town to promote the discussion of liberty in a South African context. Liberty is defined very broadly and may relate to such fields as Sociology, Politics, Law and Economics.

The SA4L Blog is envisaged to comment on contemporary South African issues from the perspective of students of Libertarianism. Apart from current affairs, the blog will hopefully also introduce such topics as:

"libertarianism, individualism, anarchism, minarchism, individual rights & liberties (civil, political, economic, legal, social), private property rights, personal responsibility, personal autonomy, free markets, free enterprise, freethought, self-ownership, self-determination, self-government, limited government, decentralized government, devolution of power, lower taxes, less regulation, Austrian School economics and Chicago School economics"

and will provide links to further information for the interested reader.

Again, welcome! Share our link ( with your friends and please comment.

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